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Chapter 2 "Tugging Points"

M pulled the car to the right and parked along the street. They were in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, and although a shady area it was still daylight out and safer to be there then versus after dark. As she turned the wheels to the curb she smiled at J and simply opened the door to dismount the car. J followed suit and M had walked around the back of the car to meet J at the passenger side of the car. M took J's hand and led him into the familiar sex and bondage club which they had frequented. This particular club was known to be a raunchy hardcore bondage and sex club with many rooms, bondage furniture and a lot of horny and uninhibited observers. While walking up to the entrance J noticed just how heavy his newly glued breasts had felt but more importantly how every step evoked a boob bounce that pulled on the encased nipples which were securely glued into their airtight spaces. To J, it felt like his nipples were being tugged with every step. He also suddenly noticed just how much tighter his waistline felt under the girdle. He stopped just under midway to the club entrance and looked at M. M had noticed J's stare as He had told her that his stomach had began to feel more constricted. She smiled at J for a moment then she told him "oh, that's right bb, the girdle's latex is designed to compress down approximately another two inches below its waist size once your body temperature warms the latex." " This will give you a six inch waist reduction, enjoy" Then she offered him a smile and motioned him to the door.

Once inside the club, J noticed there were only a handful of people inside. The two paid their cover charge and made their way into the main floor lounge to have a seat and take in the ambience of the club. It was a large building, with three floors of assorted play spaces for those who wished to engage in such festivities. The street level floor consisted of a dimly lit lounge area with various sofas and chairs. The seating arrangements allowed for a clear view at the lighted stage and catwalk which ran from the farthest wall from the door to about the middle of the room. This room served as the main lounge area as it had the largest seating area. J noticed the staircase that ran to the upper floor which was dimly lit and had contained several play spaces with various bondage equipment and furniture. As they made their way deeper into the bowels of the main room, a tall dark skinned muscular man passed by and when he had just passed by the right side of the two his hand smacked J hard on the left cheek of J's bottom. J turned around to see who the offender was but the man just kept walking as he blended into the people near him. J dismissed the action and returned his look back to the front only to notice M staring back at him with a mischievous smile. On the inside, her desire for the events to come had her on fire. She could feel the anticipation brewing as moisture began to make its way through into the front of her cotton panties. As J approached her he was massaging his cheek as it felt hot from the swat administered to it. "Come on J, let's have a seat and just take in the scene for a few.

The club began to get lively as more patrons began to enter. M and J were enjoying each other's conversations as other patrons were also conversing. A few feet away from them was a circle of men watching in unison some activity in the center of their circle. J looked over first, then pointed at the group for M to notice. Inside the circle was a younger couple, man and woman. The man was on top of the woman in a missionary position. Both were nude and engaged in raw and heavy intercourse. The circle of observers, mostly men, were all masturbating to the couple before them. M smiled over at J, and he returned his gaze back to her.

By this time music was blasting over loud conversations. The night was early and there was much for the them to see and experience. J was looking forward to some light play with M. It had been quite some time since the two had frequented the establishment. M looked over at J, " Let's walk upstairs and see what's going on." Without a reply J arose and followed M across the floor to the staircase at the far right side of the room. M was first up the staircase as J followed closely behind. This staircase allowed a clear view down into the lobby area. J looked down and back toward the couple on the floor. The man on top of the woman was pumping wildly like a oil rig in search of black liquid gold. M noticed J's distraction and while looking down and back at him, gave his bowtie a gentle pull toward her. Making their way away from the staircase they walked into a darkly lit area with several rooms. Each room was adorned with a bed or a various type of bondage implements.

M found a vacant two seater sofa near the rear of the hallway adjacent to the restroom. She motioned J to have a seat on her left side. J thought it was strange that M was looking at her watch. After all, who the hell actually bothers to wear a watch to a bondage and sex club? He dismissed the thought, she was a lawyer after all and rarely ever late for anything. The two sat and watched into a room directly across from the sofa they were perched on. In the room was a padded bondage spanking bench with a younger male bent over it with his ankles and wrists secured to D rings at each of the four legs of the bench. He was nude from the waist down, and was wearing a tight form fitting short sleeved black latex shirt. Bodybuilder, J thought to himself when he sized up the man. No lack of muscle, and a severe lack of fat rested with the bound man. His body was quivering and sweat poured off his forehead onto the floor below. His breaths were labored and shallow. Another man, also well built was standing directly behind the bound man. He wore black leather pants and knee high leather motorcycle boots. In his right hand was a heavy grade leather flogger. J sized up by the welts on the bound man's ass cheeks that the holder of the flogger had just put said flogger to good use. He sat the flogger down on a nearby table, and returned to the bound man at the bench. What happened next caught J by surprise, and left him feeling queasy. J had to look away, he could take no more of this sight before him.

The standing man removed a package from his font pocket, tore it open, and removed the condom from the wrapper. J turned his head away, unable to watch or imagine what was about to transpire in that room of ill repute. Unbeknownst to J, as his gaze was away from the room while M was enjoying the scene before her. Her shit eating grin spread ear to hear when she heard the bound man's groans which coincided with his lover's thrusts. The sound of a meaty slap was synchronous with the bound man's grunts. M began to feel warm, and fanned herself with her hand as the action played out before her. The thrusting increased in tempo, and the standing man reached forward and grabbed two handfuls of hips with his large framed hands as he began to work himself up to orgasm. M watched on, fascinated with the two. She could feel a tingling in her lower abdomen, and the unmistakable feeling of warm wetness between her legs. So caught up in the scene, she did not realize that her right hand was in between her legs rubbing slowly. Her breaths became shallow and her heart was racing. J was still looking away and distracted by a scene in an adjacent room. He was observing a Mistress equipped with a strap on dildo. She was tall, and athletically built. The slave before her was a shorter and skinnier guy. He was bent over the end of a mattress, without restraints holding him. The Mistress was applying lubricant to her girl cock and mimicking the motion of male masturbation with it. She taunted him. J could not hear her words but he did see her lips moving as she walked closer to the edge of the bed. J felt himself get excited when she began to insert the tip of her girl cock into the bound slave's ass. J could make out the tip being inserted, and then she just stopped. Standing in place she rested with just the tip of her cock resting just inside the man's sphincter. The slave had a look of pleading as he fixed his gaze back at her. She was unaffected as she leaned forward, grabbed the waist belt he was wearing at two points behind his back, and then pulled him back while thrusting deeply inside him. His reaction was instant as he bucked forward, hips against bed. He was pinned down, and unable to stop what was happening.

J looked back at M. Her head was cocked back. Her face was pointed to the ceiling and her eyes were closed. Her mouth was wide open and she was breathing heavily. J watched until her body stopped quaking and she opened her eyes. M just looked over at J, with a smile and not a single word spoken. "Enjoy that did you"? He looked at her with a wicked smile. She just returned a twisted smile, and reached over to his face with both hands. J felt her hands pulling him in for a kiss and he let her.

"Hey there, lovebirds." M and J broke off from their kiss and looked forward at the direction of the voice. " Hello", M returned with a smile. J nodded at the lady before him. She was petite, he observed. Standing no more than five foot six, J estimated she might weigh about one hundred pounds soaking wet. Her hair was long, and reached down to her tailbone. It was free flowing, but J noticed a scruncee near the point of her neck which kept her hair in place in a long thick ropelike braid. She was light skinned. Her outfit suggested that she had an interest in fetish wear. A tight red latex top with three quarter inch sleeves adorned her upper body, and hugged her pert C cups. A matching red latex miniskirt covered her to just above her knees. Her calf muscles were balled up due to the black six inch heels on her feet. Her midsection is what caught J's gaze, a shapely hourglass waist accentuated by a black shiny latex corset.

"Ahem, I'm up here", she said as her gaze fell upon J. Embarrassed, and red faced J apologized. She chuckled as she looked back at him. J and M were still seated as she was standing in front of them. "I'm Tiffany, and you two look like really cute girlfriends". J was slightly confused at first with the comment. Looking down to process her words he quickly realized her rationale as he remembered what he was wearing. M replied a thanks back to Tiffany, and invited her to sit down on a nearby chair.

Tiffany sat down and looked at the couple. "So I've been looking for a model for a bondage scene. It will be here, and we need a person with the right height, weight, and flexibility in their waistline." She shifted her gaze toward M. "You're really pretty, do you tightlace, or wear a corset occasionally"? M looked at her and just shook her head side to side. "Sorry, not me, not my cup of tea". "That's okay, hun", replied Tiffany. Shifting her gaze to J, and his very nipped waist her eyes scanned him over. "What about you?" J looked at her and replied, "what about me?" Tiffany scooted her chair up directly in front of J, and reached out her left hand to touch his waist. "Looks like you are no stranger to waist training". J smiled and nodded. " I do tightlace, and wear several corsets on a regular basis". Tiffany grinned ear to ear, and raised both of her eyebrows at J. "How would you like to model some, ahem, restrictive wear and bondage equipment"? J paused, with mouth agape. He looked to his right at M with questioning eyes. "It's okay by me bb, I say go for it", M replied back at him with a smile. "Besides, it might fun for me to see you all trussed up and helpless". M winked at J, then nudged his elbow with her hand towards Tiffany. While his gaze was away from M and his back turned to her, she discretely nodded her head while she had raised her right eyebrow and smiled at Tiffany. Tiffany looked at the couple, "Shall we"?, Before J could respond, M did so by simply saying, "we shall", with a shit eating grin across her face.

To be continued in Chapter 3, "Modeling for M"


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